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Change Management - Key Considerations

Do you have a clearly defined plan to manage the change you are trying to embed into the business?

More importantly will you be able to understand quickly enough if you are going off track? It?s all too easy to set off with an idea of where you want to get to and then actually end up some where else because insufficient time has been invested into the initial planning phase.

Depending on the scale of the change programme, the time frame for implementation will differ. However, you always need a plan where you clearly define the end goal. One of the best ways to progress with your plan is to work backwards from the end point to identify ?bite sized actions? that need to be implemented and in what sequence they should be done. It?s also important to set appropriate timescales and identify all the interdependencies to avoid delays and inefficiencies.

Also, if you are becoming ?change weary? it?s important to ensure that within the change management plan there is transitional phase to take you to the ?business as usual? stage. There should be appropriate measures built into the plan so that key people can readily identify the change activities and benefits. It?s important that they then see the programme reach a conclusion as part of everyday business rather than ?fizzle out? and not be measured against corporate goals

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"If you focus on results you will never change.
If you focus on change you will get results"
Jack Dixon